Family Vacation at Casa Primera Resort in Laguna!

Originally published on our former blog, December 26th, 2014

We had a beautiful getaway just a couple of days before Christmas where we got to spend the day at a nice, private resort with a pool. Lots of family was in Manila for the holiday season(and it was also someone’s birthday!) so we had a family gathering in Laguna to spend the day together!



One of David’s cousins rented out Villa 1 at Casa Primera Hot Spring Resort in Laguna, and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend the day. It was a huge, clean, and private area just for our family. Of course, the most appealing aspect was the pool! David and I, as well as many other family members, spend several hours enjoying the nice warm water. It rained for a little bit of the day, but we were wet anyways and the pool was warm, so we didn’t mind at all!





David and I really loved getting the chance to swim, we don’t get to do it nearly as often as we would like to. We were pretty tired though, as he’d just come off a night shift and then we immediately left for Laguna, so at some point during the day, we really needed a nap. Fortunately for us, the villa included 4 rooms to sleep in! Each room had 4-8 beds inside it, so there was definitely no shortage there.


This is the bedroom that David and I ended up sleeping in. The bed was a lot bigger than what we sleep in back home, so it was very nice to be able to stretch out for a change. There was also air conditioning, which we don’t have at home, so we really enjoyed that for a change too. The room was very clean and smelled nice, which we appreciated a lot. The last place we stayed overnight at wasn’t the nicest, so this was a much-appreciated change. This room also had a tv, so we got to channel-surf a bit as we were trying to fall asleep.


In addition to all the rooms and the pool, Casa Primera offers many other amenities. There’s a videoke machine, a barbecue for grilling, a billiards table, a mini-playground for the kids, a nice-sized dirty kitchen complete with a fridge, rice cooker, toaster oven, and several picnic tables to eat at. It was super convenient – we just brought along food to cook and didn’t have any reason to leave!


Casa Primera definitely gets the seal of approval from the Writers In Tandem! We had an absolute blast here, and would definitely love to return again some day. It was a perfect place to have a family gathering! Check out their website here for rates, amenities and other information:


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