I Want Omakase – The one place in Manila that I can always count on for amazing sushi

Originally published on our former blog site, February 3rd, 2015

Everyone has that one thing that they just crave all the time, that one food item they would never ever turn down – for me, it’s sushi. I think it’s the only food in the world that I could eat on a daily basis and never get tired of. I’ve tried several different sushi restaurants in Manila, but most of them have come up short in the end – Roku Sushi & Ramen served us food with a cockroach in it which kinda ruined the whole restaurant for us, and Tempura Japanese Grill was amazing while it lasted – right up until they took all of our favorite sushi rolls off of their menu.

The only place that we have been able to consistently count on to be delicious is Omakase! They get a huge thank you from me for being the only sushi restaurant in Manila that has never once disappointed me. We made another stop at the Greenhills branch just last weekend, where we once again indulged in my favorite delicacy.

Rock n’ Roll Maki – Omakase’s version of the classic spicy tuna roll. Omakase always has deliciously fresh tasting and high quality fish so you can really savor the taste. One other thing that I really, really appreciate about Omakase is the fact that they serve the Japanese mayo in a dish on the side. My husband loves the mayo and dips his in it, but I really don’t care for it myself and I hate the way some restaurants just douse their sushi rolls with it. So serving it on the side is a win-win for everyone! I stick with just wasabi and a touch of soy sauce for my sushi dip.

Crazy Maki – Spicy salmon and tuna on the inside, scallions, salmon skin and ebiko on the outside. This maki roll was a new one for me – I was trying to go out of my comfort zone a bit by trying a roll with salmon skin, an ingredient I hadn’t tasted before. It was pretty delicious! The salmon skin added an interesting texture and a salty flavor to the maki. Next time, I’m going to take another step forward and try out one of their rolls with unagi, aka eel skin! Wish me luck!

Boston Roll – this one is David’s favorite. Bacon and shrimp, need I say more? It may not be your classic raw fish sushi, but it’s definitely delicious. I’ll admit, I turned down my nose at it a bit at first, “sushi is supposed to have fish, not bacon!” I said to my husband… but I tried it anyways and despite myself, I actually really liked it.

Omakase’s Katsudon – Another of David’s favorites here at Omakase, katsudon is one of his go-to Japanese dishes everywhere. And as he said himself, it’s always a hit-or-miss dish – some places get it perfect while others tend to lack flavor. Omakase’s katsudon definitely falls into the former category, even I really enjoyed it and I’m not really a katsudon fan. When I say “I want Japanese food”, what I really mean is “I want sushi”, and I’m actually not really a fan of other Japanese foods, but Omakase provides an amazing flavorful dish that even I enjoy!

Seriously, huge thanks to Omakase for always getting everything right – we’ve eaten here several times now, and never once have we left disappointed. Everything that we have ever ordered has been spectacular – from their huge variety of makimono sushi rolls to their raspberry iced tea, we are Omakase’s number one fans! Now, just gotta make it until next payday when we can go back for more!


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