SM Hypermarket Cubao Street Food Festival!

Originally published on our former blog, November 28th, 2014

In case you missed it, here’s our photos/experience at the SM Hypermarket Cubao Street Food Festival! I have to admit, we were pretty surprised by the lack of street food that there actually was. When we think about Pinoy street food, what comes to mind is fish balls, isaw, kwek kwek, that kind of thing. So we were pretty surprised to find NONE of these at a street food festival! Nevertheless, there was plenty of good food to be had by all, and we got to sample some yummy dishes.




We got there a bit early, so a lot of the food stalls were still setting up. While we waited, we bought some assorted siomai from one of the stalls that was already prepared for the day. You get 1 piece each of 4 different types ofsiomai – sharksfin, Japanese, pork, and beef – for just 20 pesos! Not a bad deal at all, so we each got an order. It was, to be honest, nothing out of this world, but still tasty and pretty good siomai. It was good enough that we ended going back for another order later in the day, so I guess that says something!



Booths were still setting up, so we wandered around for a bit. There was a stage set up in the front, and several groups of dancers came and went while we were there. Check out a short video we took of one group, the “Hyper Dancers” from Hypermarket: \”Hyper Dancers\”


And of course, the waiting gave us plenty of time for our obligatory selfies. Hashtag: no makeup.



There was also a set up in front of the stage that obviously was meant for a cooking competition at some point, but it didn’t happen while we were there, unfortunately. If we’d stayed until 2pm, we could have had the chance to meet and greet the famous Chef Boy Logro, but we’d already been there for about 2 hours and wrapped up our day by 12noon. We did catch a short glimpse of Chef Hasset Go hard at work though!




Finally, there were more food stalls open and just in time, we were getting pretty hungry at this point. At one stall, they had a very interesting bagoong that caught our eye – chocolate bagoong! They were giving out free samples to taste, so of course we both had to try it. It was an interesting concept and definitely unique, but we walked way not too sure if we liked it or not.






Next, we tried some free samples of chicken nuggets that they had, and they were pretty good so we got a 3pc order to share.



Finally, we picked out the stall that would provide the bulk of our meal, and each ordered a plate of coco sisig with rice, as well as a double dutch frappuccino from the same street food vendor to go with it. David was able to get some good shots as they cooked the sisig right in front of us!







The sisig was delicious. It was your typical fried pork, onions, sili, etc. but with a delicious coconut milk twist. This means it was extra saucy, which is how I prefer food generally. With a calamansi squeezed over the top and sili on the side, it was the perfect ending to today’s food adventure.


The street food festival skimped a little on what we consider to be actual street food, but there was still lots of tasty things to try and at good prices, so it was definitely a worthwhile trip to make!


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