The BEST Homemade Crispy Bacon Recipe

Originally published on our former blog, February 16th, 2015

If you’re like us who see bacon as the best thing that mankind has ever made, then you’re in for a treat! Allow us to share with you a recipe for homemade bacon that we just found delectable! We’ll also go through dos and don’ts with cooking bacon to help you guys prepare and serve the best cooked bacon!


Get unseasoned and unmarinated bacon over a commercial one which comes in flavors like maple or honey-glazed.

Why? Bacon should come fresh. The best kind of bacon is the one that you yourself marinate or season. Commercial bacon contains lots of preservatives and other unhealthy things. They usually are too thin (getting thicker ones are extremely expensive), and you can’t even pick the strips. Some will be short, the others too long, and some even tearing apart. With fresh bacon, you can choose the strips that you want, you can customize the flavor to your liking, and it’s a whole lot cheaper and healthier too!


Season your bacon with something simple.

We seasoned the bacon that we lovingly received from a friend with garlic, pepper, some salt, and vinegar. Everything was just measured to taste. It looks simple, but the aroma is really good!


When you cook your bacon, layer them down in a pan without them overlapping each other, and DO NOT add any more cooking oil!

The oil from the bacon fat will come out and it will cook the bacon itself! It’s instant oil! Other tricks: once you’re done with your bacon, you can save the bacon grease afterwards when you want to cook some pancakes or crepes to give it a bacony twist!

After you’ve laid all your bacon on a pan, start the fire and let it cook till it browns on one side.

Flip afterwards. Cook to your liking. Some people like it really brown and crispy. Others like it a little bit soft and chewy. Take your pick!


Once cooked to your liking, take the bacon strips out one by one and place them on a plate lined with kitchen napkins (tissue) to soak up the excess oil.

See, this is another secret to making crispy bacon. Bacon that’s covered in oil all over will remain moist and chewy. If you want it extra crispy, place it on top of napkins or tissue for the oil to be absorbed!

And that’s it! Perfectly paired with a maple syrup dip, or you can even experiment with garlic ranch dressing or what have you. It’s tasty, it’s quick, it’s painless! Bacon served best!

There you have it, folks! If you have any questions, if you’re looking for a recipe that you’d like us to blog about, don’t hesitate to comment! Hope you have a good bacony meal, readers! Stay tuned for our next recipe, Bacon-wrapped Chicken!


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