The Writers In Tandem Got Married!!!

Originally published on our former blog, January 15th, 2015

Long time, no blog… we’ve been a bit busy planning our wedding! That’s right, on January 8th, 2015, David and I FINALLY tied the knot. I say “finally” because the road to get here was a long and difficult one, with it taking 11 trips and 6 months to the City Hall to get our marriage license when it should normally take just 2-3 trips and a couple of weeks. We’d been hoping for an August wedding initially, but this worked out for the best anyways – January 8th, 2015 marked our 2 year anniversary as a couple, and it was a perfect day for our wedding.

David and Abby Hizon: January 8, 2015

Despite everything that could possibly go wrong doing so right up until the day of our wedding(we were even notified the day before that they were changing our ceremony time, which sent me into a bit of a panic as that threw our entire day’s schedule off), the actual day could not have gone more perfectly. I have to give a hugeeee thank you to Miss Bianca Umali of Makeup By Bianca Umali for her part in that! She came to our hotel at 6am to do my hair and makeup and make sure everything would be done in time for the ceremony. And she did such a perfect job! It even lasted throughout the entire day, through the ceremony, reception, and studio photography session!


‘Before’ photo of me for reference

If you read my previous blog post, I’m almost 20 and I still don’t know how to apply makeup, then you already know I am far from an expert when it comes to the magical art of makeup. Which is why I decided to look for a makeup artist to come and work some magic for my wedding day! There are a lot of them around Manila, but Bianca’s style really caught my attention in a good way, so I was very happy when she responded that she would be able to come work with me!


The beautiful Miss Bianca Umali, hard at work making me pretty for my big day!

I really appreciated also that she was willing to come to our hotel, bringing along all her colorful tools of magic. (For you ladies out there, she charges 1,400php for full hair and makeup, and 200php for transportation costs if you are within Quezon City)



Here’s some photos of her doing her work. Make sure you stay posted with our Facebook page so you don’t miss the full review of Makeup By Bianca Umali that I wrote for When In Manila!





Near complete makeup, just with lipstick left to do


I couldn’t stop staring at my transformation in the mirror


Placing my chosen accessory


and we’re finished! Time to go get married!

Once Biana had completed transforming me, it was time to head to the Hall of Justice and walk into the courtroom. David and I would enter as single people, and leave as a married couple! We were really glad that there was an official City Hall photographer there to capture our wedding moments. Usually David is the one behind the camera, so we weren’t sure if we’d have photos to take home of our special day, and were very pleasantly surprised to see that they had a photographer there for us! Here’s some of the highlights from our wedding, starting with saying the vows and exchanging rings:





You may now kiss the bride!


Signing of the marriage contract



A very happy bride and groom with their family and sponsors

From the Hall of Justice, we headed over to the Sulo Riviera Hotel for our reception lunch. It was a beautiful place to have it, thanks so much to David’s parents(my new in-laws!) for treating us there.


After a delicious lunch buffet put on by the hotel, we headed off to N.Y.N.P. Studio for some professional photos to capture the day. Thanks so much to Sir Benjie for receiving us there and the spectacular photos he took! We were so pleased by the results.

David and Abby Hizon: January 8, 2015

David and Abby Hizon: January 8, 2015

David and Abby Hizon: January 8, 2015

And there you have it, our very very happy wedding day! After another short buffet dinner at Tramway Gardens Buffet, we caught some sleep and then headed out to Subic for our honeymoon. That’ll be another blog post or two all on it’s own, we had an amazing and unforgettable trip that I can’t wait to share with you as well, so stay tuned!


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