About David & Abby

David and Abby Hizon: January 8, 2015

Follow the Writers In Tandem, David and Abby, as they go on adventures in search of the best places for food, vacation spots, and affordable deals. Making their way through the Philippines on their trusty steed, Maleficar, they seek out only the best to share with their readers.


David and Abby started out as a long-distance couple – she’s from the United States and he’s from the Philippine Islands. After 7 months of being in a long distance relationship, Abby sold all her things and moved to the Philippines to be with David, never looking back. They are now happily married and building their life together in Manila.

They love to travel and they love to eat, which makes blogging a perfect hobby for them. Expect to see lots of posts relating to both food and travel as they traverse the beautiful country of the Philippines, ever in search of adventure!


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Janessa Abigail Martz


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