Getting my 13a Permanent Residency Visa!

After two years of being a tourist in the beautiful Philippine Islands(August 23rd, 2015 will be my 2 year anniversary), I finally started the process of applying for my permanent residency. I thought I’d share my experience here as it’s been hard for me to find information on the process myself, so maybe my experience can help someone else who is about to go through it in the future.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Recognize That People Have the Right to Change Religions, Just Not Their Religion

As a former member of Jehovah’s Witnesses who lost all of my family when I left(click here to read my personal story), I can attest to the truth of this article. Jehovah’s Witnesses portray themselves as happy, loving people but there’s a much darker side that people need to see.


The official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses,, has a Frequently Asked Section that recently addressed the question of whether or not JWs pressure people to change religions (this site). According to their answer, they don’t pressure people to change religions, and agree with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when it says that a person should have the freedom to change religions. According to the JW website, “these rights carry with them the obligation to respect the rights of others both to maintain their beliefs and to reject ideas that they disagree with.”

This is a very interesting statement, and by “interesting” I mean grossly hypocritical and yet another absolute smack of outright dishonesty on their part. Jehovah’s Witnesses say that people have the right to change religions and that they deserve “respect” when it comes to that right, but this is not something that they offer to those who…

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Growing Up As One of Jehovah’s Witnesses – The Truth About “The Truth”

My entire family disowned me when I was 16 because I was finally and completely done with the religion that they had raised me in – Jehovah’s Witnesses. When a person is “disfellowshipped” or excommunicated by the church, they are to be completely cut off by every member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including their own family. Since I grew up in this religion, every family member and friend I had ever had were all Jehovah’s Witnesses(henceforth shortened to “JW”) and I was left with essentially no one to talk to.

November 2004, on the day of my baptism. Just 9 years old and with no idea how much this day would impact my future.
November 2004, on the day of my baptism. Just 9 years old and with no idea how much this day would impact my future.

This religion or cult or whatever you wish to call it stole my childhood and I don’t think that I can ever forgive them for it. Let me outline just some of the ways that my life was impacted by this religion.

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