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Hey everyone! Just thought I’d share here links to some of the articles that we have published by other websites in case any of our readers are interested!

There’s a place in the Philippines called HUNDRED ISLANDS: And It Has 100 Islands!

Clothes Buffet Manila – Every Shopaholic’s Dream!

Sakae Sushi: An All-You-Can-Eat Conveyor-Belt Style Sushi Buffet!

5 Tips to Giving Your Long Distance Relationship the Happy Ending It Deserves!

Tour Manila By Motorcycle For Under 500 Pesos!

Why You Should Consider Opening Your Home To Stray Dogs

Woodland Resort – Zamboanga City’s Serene Outdoor Getaway

Top 5 Things To Remember When Moving Somewhere New

Oasis Bar and Grill Provides Food, Flames and Fun

Clothes Buffet Manila – 1 Bag, 15 Minutes, Over 30,000 Clothes To Choose From!

Omakase Greenhills – A Fresh and Flavorful Sushi Experience

Draft Alabang Offers Weekend BBQ Specials Bursting With Flavor

Mt. Columbato – A Place of Holiness and Beauty in Zamboanga City

Candy Mix – Sweet Treats For The Sweet Tooth

Top 5 Things I Took for Granted Growing Up in the USA

Free Mali Campaign – Help Mali Get To The Elephant Sanctuary Where She Deserves To Be 

5 Signs That You’re A Socially-Awkward Introvert

Top 5 movies that totally make no sense but are ridiculously fun to watch

DIY Hair Dye: The Ultimate Guide to Dyeing Your Hair At Home

Puto Pao King – Puto and Siopao Rolled into One and in Lots of Different Flavors

Motorcycle Road Trip To Tagaytay: Beautiful Views, Winding Roads, and (Of Course) Bulalo


One thought on “More By Us

  1. Hi Abby. I just came across ur story as I was trying to find out more info about Filipino guys. It’s so amazing as I was looking through ur pics there was one where u spent ur honey moon in olongapo. I was in olongapo for 3 weeks over Christmas doing volunteer work and fell in love with the place. And also I met a guy 🙈 who I think I might really like. I’m planning on moving to the Philippines to do volunteer work but I don’t want any of my emotions to decide instead of my truly desire to serve God and people in need.
    I thought I’ll give u a wee txt just like that.
    I’m 28 years old and live in the uk but I’m originally from Bulgaria.
    I’m finding it very hard at the minute as all I want to be is to be in the Philippines. What advice would u give me on having an online relationship with a Filipino guy?
    Also did u stay in playa papagayo in olongapo. I was there for a dinner one night and the pic looks pretty much like it. Take care ate Abby ☺️ x


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