Getting my 13a Permanent Residency Visa!

After two years of being a tourist in the beautiful Philippine Islands(August 23rd, 2015 will be my 2 year anniversary), I finally started the process of applying for my permanent residency. I thought I’d share my experience here as it’s been hard for me to find information on the process myself, so maybe my experience can help someone else who is about to go through it in the future.

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Team-Building Weekend Getaway to Cagbalete Island, Quezon

It’s been quite a while since David and I have been able to escape for a weekend getaway, and even longer since we’ve been able to have some beach time. So, when his coworkers decided to plan a team-building retreat at Cagbalete Island, we were on board right away! Sun, sand, and sea – what more could a person want?


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Honeymoon Motorcycle Roadtrip to Subic

When David and I got married in January, we were trying to stick to a fairly low budget. Since we didn’t have much money to spare, buying plane tickets to go somewhere exotic and out of the country for our honeymoon was totally out of the question. We still were able to have an amazing adventure, however. We picked the Subic/Olangapo area as our destination, bought a map, fueled up the motorcycle, and headed out for what would be an unforgettable adventure!

Mt. Makiling's Natural Wonders - Our Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway! 003

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SM Hypermarket Cubao Street Food Festival!

Originally published on our former blog, November 28th, 2014

In case you missed it, here’s our photos/experience at the SM Hypermarket Cubao Street Food Festival! I have to admit, we were pretty surprised by the lack of street food that there actually was. When we think about Pinoy street food, what comes to mind is fish balls, isaw, kwek kwek, that kind of thing. So we were pretty surprised to find NONE of these at a street food festival! Nevertheless, there was plenty of good food to be had by all, and we got to sample some yummy dishes.

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The Writers In Tandem Got Married!!!

Originally published on our former blog, January 15th, 2015

Long time, no blog… we’ve been a bit busy planning our wedding! That’s right, on January 8th, 2015, David and I FINALLY tied the knot. I say “finally” because the road to get here was a long and difficult one, with it taking 11 trips and 6 months to the City Hall to get our marriage license when it should normally take just 2-3 trips and a couple of weeks. We’d been hoping for an August wedding initially, but this worked out for the best anyways – January 8th, 2015 marked our 2 year anniversary as a couple, and it was a perfect day for our wedding.

David and Abby Hizon: January 8, 2015

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Spontaneous Road Trip To Tagaytay!

Originally published on our former blog, December 16th, 2014

So just this last weekend, David and I decided to go for a little road trip! We’re currently going through the process of buying a house in Cavite, which is requiring us to take several trips back and forth from Quezon City to Imus, Cavite. And since Imus is already halfway to Tagaytay, we figured it was time to go visit this famous city, and get up close to the beautiful Taal Lake and Taal Volcano!


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